Styro Stone’s RR wall system has been used to create a stylish, thermally efficient five bedroomed detached property in Harrow, Middlesex. From the outside, brick slips now disguise this ‘modern method of construction’. However, turn back the clock just a few weeks and Styro Stone’s signature grey Neopor walls would have been easy to see.

The owners of the house, Helen and John Amand, were keen to make maximum use of natural light and have plenty of space for social functions - the couple often entertain up to 100 guests at a time! The overall result, designed by Valerie Gyoker of Gyoker Designs and built by Bridger Construction Ltd, is a spacious home with a total floor area of 346m².

The energy required to heat the house will be kept to a minimum thanks to the high level of insulation provided by the 350mm wide RR Stone, which forms the main structure above ground. Below ground, Styro Stone’s Standard Stone has been employed for the basements’ external and internal walls. The Styro Stone Floor system, comprising the V-Tec beam and EPS floor blocks, provides robust and thermally efficient flooring. Styro Stone has also been used to build a swimming pool in the grounds!

John and Helen Amand were introduced to Styro Stone by Valerie Gyoker. Mr Amand comments on their decision to use Styro Stone “It sounded good and we liked the idea of trying something different”, he adds, “once we found out more about it, we then started to appreciate all of the benefits of it, such as speed of build and excellent insulation”.

Other interesting design features include a vast central glass atrium to supply natural light into the house and even down to the basement through a reinforced glass panel set into the ground floor. A Grey Water Recycling System will collect rain water for toilets, dishwasher, car cleaning and garden watering.

Mr and Mrs Amand are now looking forward to completion and moving in to their new Styro Stone home.

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March 2005